The Spice Depot™ Spicy Chicken Seasoning

At the heart of Spice Depot's Spicy Chicken Seasoning beats traditional poultry flavors like thyme and sage, but we've kicked them up a notch with exotic paprika, chili, white pepper and olive oil, and into more recipes than just roast chicken and turkey.

Use Spicy Chicken Seasoning as a cheeky alternative to poultry seasoning, twist over baked chicken, in dried chicken coating recipes, pasta and in stir-fries, in soup and stews - and of course over eggs. Spicy Chicken scrambled eggs with JoJo Potato hash-browns turn good mornings into great starts.

For a quick one-pan meal to start a busy week, grind Spice Depot Spicy Chicken over cubed or sliced fresh (or frozen) free-range chicken or turkey. Saute in a few tablespoons of olive oil until the meat begins to brown slightly. De-glaze the pan with prepared chicken or vegetable broth or left-over white wine, add a small bag of frozen baby vegetables and cover for just a few minutes to crisp-cook vegetables and cook chicken or turkey through. Serve over fluffy white or brown rice.

100% recyclable plastic grinder top and glass bottle, safety sealed for your protection.

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